Big ideas -Tiny Houses


With the growing demand for density in inner city there are few options as gentle on the neighbourhoods as tiny houses in backyards.

After the precedent set in Brisbane City Council about a year ago by the Tiny House Company and ESC Consulting, Tiny Houses on Wheels (THOW’s) have been proven to show great potential as a flexible work around for compact infill of existing housing stock. Because the THOW is classed as a caravan you are allowed to live in it in Brisbane, providing you aren’t causing a public nuisance. BCC precent link

A similar legal precedent was recently established in Currans Hill NSW where the judgement “cleared the way for others to install mobile structures” with no requirement for any development approval. NSW council

(Note that rules for living in caravans vary between local councils. For information about the laws in your area, contact your local council.)


Above: Portal tiny house by The Tiny House Company

But these tiny houses do not look or feel like caravans. The Tiny House Company’s first and one-of a kind prototype, ‘Portal’, has received widespread acclaim, design awards and plenty of media attention. It incorporates innovative technology and beautiful architectural design to make a warm, friendly and functional compact and transportable home.


Above: Portal tiny house by The Tiny House Company

The Portal tiny house has a custom designed bed that raises up into the ceiling using a remote control and a lovely deck that is ‘flat-pack’ for easy transport and is assembled on the side of the house in two hours. Portal Tiny House


Above: Swallowtail complete tiny house on wheels by The Tiny House Co

Their current model, the ‘Swallowtail’, is available for $79,000. It provides a flexible space with many options for furniture and storage arrangements. The logic behind this approach was to allow the one core design to easily adapt to its many potential uses, sized specifically to fit Ikea’s affordable modular systems. Swallowtail Tiny House


Above: Swallowtail complete tiny house on wheels by The Tiny House Co.

The Swallowtail tiny house could be set up as a small primary dwelling, an additional granny flat, a self-contained rental, a short-term/Airbnb rental, an eco retreat accommodation, teenager’s retreat, in lieu of a permanent house extension, home office, display unit, family holiday home, a self contained place for dependant family, artist studio, investment property, a place to live during construction of the larger house and many more.

The ability to easily bring a completed, fully functioning home onto a site and plug it in (or set it up to be off-grid) and start using it immediately is one advantage but it also reduces the risk of overcapitalising on a block if the house (on wheels) can be easily removed and sold or relocated.

With the increasing pressure on inner city rentals prices, the tiny house concept provides a fantastic investment opportunity. The Portal house is currently renting for $300per week. At a purchase price of $160,000, this equates to 9.75% gross per annum! And with the swallowtail starting from only $79,000, the return on investment is unmatchable!

As housing needs are changing and diversifying, more housing alternatives are greatly needed. Besides being low-impact, tiny houses are all about flexibility and freedom. For some, it’s the freedom to live a well-balanced life by purchasing something small without having to rely on a large mortgage. For others, it’s the flexibility of being able to change the size, function and location of an existing home.
These benefits, packaged in the form of a tiny house on wheels, can add value to your life well beyond their financial worth.

For more information contact The Tiny House Company on (07) 3276 8227